Sperry Sandal and Shoe Refresher (6OZ)

Sperry Sandal and Shoe Refresher (6OZ)

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Protect your favorite styles with the Shoe Refresher Shoe Care. Designed to effectively clean and deodorize all footbeds, the Shoe Refresher is environmentally friendly and quickly wipes away after eliminating odors. Made with recyclable bottles.

Features & Benefits

• Sperry Sandal & Shoe Refresher effectively cleans and deodorizes all footbeds
• This skin safe product is made to simply be sprayed on and wiped away leaving the footwear clean and refreshed
• Used regularly it eliminates shoe odor caused by bacteria
• Advanced green technology is employed in this product’s development, making it the most environmentally safe product of its kind
• Non-aerosol formula contains no ozone depleting chemicals
• Can be used on all types of footwear linings
• Made with recyclable bottles